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CUFC Covid Return to Training Protocol - 26 April 2021   26/04/2021

CUFC Safer Return to Training Protocol - 26 April 2021 (U18 players and younger).

Before attending training sessions, everyone must be aware of the latest FAI Return to Training Protocol in the attached FAI website link -
FAI COVID-19 Club Compliance Officer Workshop - April 2021.pdf

The main points relating to our club are summarised below-

• If anyone is showing symptoms of virus, temperature, cough,sudden loss of taste/smell, do not attend training.
• Players must be dropped off by a member of the same household.
• At Coleman Park, best practice is to drop off and collect player from car park at the designated times. NO dropping off at the main gate!
• At Astro Pitch, best practice is to drop off and collect player from car park at the designated times. All players/coaches to enter Astro by the main gate and leave by the opposite end small gate.
• One parent/guardian is allowed to accompany any player under the age of 18 to training and may remain at the venue subject to social distancing guidelines. Strictly no group gatherings.
• Squad assigned Covid Officer will take names of players attending training for contact tracing purposes.
• Players must arrive in training gear. Dressing rooms are closed but bathroom facilities available at Coleman Park.
• All players must have all their own equipment, water bottles, shin pads and hand sanitiser.
• Apply your hand sanitiser before and after training.
• Goalkeepers must wear their own gloves.
• Players should have a bag for their belongings and all items must be name labelled to avoid swapping of items.
• Players must bring all personal items home with them.
• Outdoor training is permitted in groups of up to 15 maximum under the new Government guidelines.
• More than one training session can take part at a venue provided the training pods are no larger than 15.
• Coaches will sanitise all training equipment before and after training sessions.

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