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CUFC Last Man Standing tickets on sale now!   30/09/2021

Craughwell United FC are running Last Man Standing with the first match beginning on Friday 22 October.

The prize is €1,000 and tickets are now on sale for €10.

Offline tickets can be bought from committee members, coaches and the Junior squad.

Online tickets can be bought here  - https://member.clubforce.com/memberships_cart_m.asp?LL_ID=945&intMF_ID=9193#Anchor 

Please see the rules below.

1. Entry is €10 either online through the Clubforce link or offline/cash with the printed tickets. Enter as many times as you like.

2. Each week pick the winner of one Premier League match. If your selection wins you progress to the next round, if your selection draws or loses you are out.

3. You can only select each team once.

4. If no entry fee paid BEFORE WEEK 1 of competition you are disqualified and omitted from competition.

5. If no selection is received before cut-off time of one hour before first match, the first unused team in alphabetic order will be given to you starting with Arsenal.

6. If you select a team that you have previously picked, you are disqualified and omitted from the competition.

7. If the game your selection is cancelled or postponed you will progress to the next round but the team you selected will no longer be available to you as your pick.

8. A weekly text will be circulated to advise those who have made it through to the next round.

9. Should the last two participants be remaining and are eliminated in the same week the prize money will be divided equally.

10. Should three or more participants be remaining and are eliminated in the same week everyone will continue through to the next week, the selection from that week will be no longer available to participants.

11. Should the competition not be concluded before the end of the Premier League season the pot will be split equally between all remaining participants.

Entry fee can be paid to any CUFC Committee member/manager or online through your Clubforce account. Online account set-up is quick and requires only your name, phone number and email address.

Weekly selections from round 4 onwards to be submitted ONLY by reply to text link provided.


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