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UPDATED - CUFC Training Sessions from Mon 26 April   26/04/2021

All club teams (except our junior men's team) can now resume training from Monday 26th April.

We have a four week programme of the training sessions with Galway United coaches starting this week. 

Galway United Community Head Coach Gary Traynor and Galway United U15 Manager Anthony O Neill will be taking all the sessions below.

TUESDAYS  (GT - Gary Traynor)

6.15-7.15pm  U9 Boys  (GT 6.15-7.15pm) CP New Small Pitch 3

7.30-8.30pm  U16 Boys  (GT 7.30-8.15pm)  CP Old Small Pitch 4

8.00-9.00pm  U15A Girls (GT 8.15-8.45pm)  CP New Small Pitch 3

8.15-9.15pm  U15B Girls (GT 8.45-9.15pm)  CP Old Full Size Pitch 2

THURSDAYS  (GT - Gary Traynor)

6.00-7.00pm  U12B Girls  (GT 6.00-6.45pm)  CP Old Small Pitch 4

6.30-7.30pm  U12A Girls  (GT 6.45-7.30pm)  CP Old Full Size Pitch 2

7.15-8.15pm  U10 Girls  (GT 7.30-8.15pm)  CP New Small Pitch 3

SATURDAYS   (GT - Gary Traynor)
9.00-10.00am  U6/7 Boys  (GT 9.00-10.00am)  Astro
10.00-11.00am  U8 Boys  (GT 10.00-11.00am)  Astro
11.00-12.00pm  U9 Boys  (GT 11.00-12.00pm)  Astro
12.00-1.00pm  U10 Boys (GT  12.00-1.00pm)  Astro

SATURDAYS  (AON - Anthony O Neill)
9.30-10.30am  U12 Boys  (AON 9.30-10.30am) CP Old Full Size Pitch 2
10.30-11.30am  U11 Boys  (AON 10.30-11.30am)  CP Old Small Pitch 4
11.30-12.30pm  U13 Boys  (AON 11.30-12.30pm) CP Old Full Size Pitch 2

All teams can continue with their regular Astro training slots as well.

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